OEM grade hardware.
The hardware is one of the most criital technology components.
Years of expertise in car security and telematics design
for very challenging markets now turned towards
development of advanced connected vehicle hardware.
Full control over the vehicle
This is one of the models that Thea uses for connected vehicles solutions. With the size of less than a matchbox, it gives your car Security, Telematics and Vehicle Management.
Yes, it's all-in-one.
The hardware is designed with user values and innovative business models in mind,
to bring the most value possible for different use cases.
The result? Less hardware costs with more user values.
eCall and
ERA Glonass
Premium Security System
Designed with vehicle security in mind,
it is a premium robust car security system that can work separately or in slave mode on almost any new or aftemarket vehicle.
Advanced Vehicle Management
Simple for users, sophisticated behind. Engineered to make keyless bypass of immobilizer, remote engine start and stop, ignition lock, access to doors, trunks, windows and more with just a simple click of an icon on the smartphone or web portal.
Telematics Data,
with business in mind.

The telematic data is the core to our business model.
Get the most possible data out of your vehicle's CANbus.
The hardware is rich with sensor and I/O ports, so it is possible to deploy even on very basic vehicles.
Flexible and Cost Effective
Deployment Schemes

Industrial pin-to-pin connection ensures meeting all requirements and make possible for solution being factory preinstalled. With pins and standard IDC connectors it is easy to deploy at the dealership or any qualified workshop.
eCall / ERA Glonass
The hardware is technically compliant with eCall / ERA Glonass protocols.
This ensures OEMs get even more out of the hardware required by law.
Bold wireless complements
In addition to the number of physical I/O ports,
vehicle users may want to have line of wireless accessories.
SOS Button & e-Call

SOS button for the drivers.
Accept and reject phone calls,
and make phone call with your vehicle (up to 5 predefined numbers).
Body Control Sensor

Shock sensor and
3D accelerometer, Monitor doors, trunks, hatches and alike. Works when vehicle is in alarm mode.

One could even put it on garage gates to put them on alarm along with the vehicle.
Motion Sensor

Volumetric motion control mounted inside vehicle or trailer. Perfectly works to control closed volumes inside the car, while being in alarm mode.
Drivers Tag

Tiny wireless identification hardware, which enables hands-free door lock / unlock feature, as well as number vehicle security uses.
Rapid integration
If we never dealt with particular vehicle model and trim level, it normally takes about 3-4 months for us to develop complete hardware integration solution.

For the models we have work experience with, the solution is immediately available.
Product development roadmap
PoC (proof-of-concept)
Product customisation & integration
Commercial tests