Credit and Insurance products
get supercharged.
After the clients purchased the vehicle, they still keep wallets open to cover unavoidable expenses while using the vehicle. Establish funnel to get benefit from all vehicle related costs. Not for the warranty period, for entire vehicle lifetime.
Perhaps, this is all you need
to make your portfolio performance even better.

Whatever vehicle related financial products you sell,
there could be even more sales and even better portfolio quality and profitability
with connected vehicle technology embedded from behind.
Thea gives financial institutions all necessary tools
to fully control user experience and portfolio performance.
Telematics data

Vehicle use data, critical to for the financial service industry. Monitor vehicle condition, get notified on car accidents, poor driver performance, asset idling, and other parameters to the benefit of your clients and your organization.
Clients' communication

Mobile app push notifications, notifications through the web portals, SMS, messengers, emails - all could automated and aligned to your internal business processes. The vehicle itself can even make a phone call to your client, if you like.

Asset control

Asset control sometime becomes critical while dealing with bad debtors or recovering the losses. Safe, secure and legally compliant procedures will let you lock the doors or engine ignition to prevent the debt problems from escalating.

Make it a solid system. Let connected vehicles feed relevant data to your proprietary ERP or CRM, integrate into your business processes and workflows. Or just use Thea or third party mobile apps and web portals to jumpstart.
Fits all your financial products
Whatever your business model is,
you will see the value in Thea connected vehicles products.
Operational leasing
It is always different when you are responsible for the vehicles in your balance sheet. Keep close control over the vehicles, the way they are used, and be the first to react if things occasionally go wrong with the client.
Vehicle insurance
and other insurance products

Thea products are hardware agnostic, which means insurance company may use other hardware - GPS, OBD trackers or even smartphones to deliver insurance services to their clients.
Financial leasing
and other credit products

Whole range of data and asset monitoring and control tools available to credit organisations. Integration into your business processes, risk management, ERP and loan agreements will give you everything to balance portfolio.
Non-vehicle related
financial products sales

Link your debit or credit cards to the vehicles to catch parking payments, insurance purchases, assistance services, car wash payments and other vehicle expenses. Vehicle use data might be outstanding contributor to general client credit scoring for, say, smaller consumer loans or mortgages.
Outstanding capacities for financial institutions.
All tools necessary to help you to manage
your credit or insurance portfolio and make more sales.
Be the first to know what happens
with your credit risk security

Asset monitoring is always pain. Make Thea products control the contractual obligations of your clients, related to the vehicle use: mileage, location and geofence, vehicle technical condition, possible car accidents, and other parameters you see as important.
When things go wrong,
take full control over

Sometimes banks need to act to protect their rights. Thea products designed to remotely and safely manage the vehicle, which lets credit organisation to lock the doors or engine ignition in case clients fails to meet monthly payments or other loan agreement obligations.
No more blind pricing.
Make it targeted to each client.

Detailed aggregated statistics lets insurance companies adjust basic tariff for each client against the selected group of peers. This also lets create various client adjusted Pay-As-You-Drive and Pay-How-You-Drive products.
Vehicle use data tells far more
than just vehicle use

Vehicle use data - such as frequency of fueling, technical maintenance discipline, class of petrol stations used, type of insurance bought and many more - could tell a lot about credibility and risks of the clients while selling them other (even not related to the vehicle) financial products.
It goes far beyond conventional credit and insurance business
Not only financial institutions can sell better credit and insurance products, Thea technology lets them implement whole new line of products - starting from in-vehicle payments to vehicle use data employed in consumer loans scoring.
It goes far beyond conventional credit and insurance business
Not only financial institutions can sell better credit and insurance products, Thea technology lets them implement whole new line of products - starting from in-vehicle payments to vehicle use data employed in consumer loans scoring.
Better financial products
with advanced technology behind
Fine tune insurance or credit pricing based on fact based statistics, not math based guess.
Optimise portfolio risk with asset control and proactive interaction with the clients - gradually removing loss making clients from the portfolio.
Real time data lets you be creative and innovative in building insurance and credit products. Stay above the competition.
New sales
Sell more financial products. Sell more new financial products. Make more money on partnership sales.
It works with them all.
Don't limit where there is no limit.
Sell financial products to consumers and businesses,
using any kind of vehicle.
Any kind of vehicle
Two wheelers, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks, buses, special vehicles, equipped with internal combustion, electric or hybrid powertrains.
Any kind of hardware
Thea products work beautifully as end-to-end solution. But Thea technology smoothly works with third party hardware too: GPS or OBD trackers, SIM / GPS enabled rearview mirrors or smartphones.
New and used
All, new or aftermarket, vehicles are supported. Even old used basic truck could be connected and bring value to you, so you bring back value to the truck owner.