It works, because the drivers love it.
Whatever value solution brings to the OEMs, dealers and other stakeholders, it must first be useful to the drivers.
The functionality and value proposition makes
Thea's solution very desired to have by the end users.
Drivers love the tech.
Remote vehicle management mobile app smoothly works with original keys.
Drivers tags to open doors hands free.
Statistics, real time notifications
and tons of other handy features.
Advanced security system, used as main one, or in alliance with original car alarms. Anti-robbery features, notifications on car theft attempts and other tools to make your car and your loved ones inside the car safe.
Saves Money!
Context based marketing and sales offers - assistance services, insurance, spare parts at exactly right moment the driver needs them.
Your car is in your smartphone.
The standard mobile application includes all functions necessary for day-to-day convenient vehicle use. From remote vehicle management, car alarm to life logging, statistics and real time notifications. It is free to use and customimzable the way you want your clients to see it.
Manage your vehicle without the key
Forget the keys. They are so 19th century. The right key today is your smartphone.

It is more secure than traditional key, because it has more security layers at the backend and in the smartphone application.

Also, with the smartphone the driver can manage number of functions in your vehicle:

- remotely start / stop engine
- set up rules for automated remote engine start and stop
- car alarm and doors lock / unlock
- headlights, marker lights
- open / close trunk, hood, windows
- manage some climate control functions

It really depends on the vehicle model and trip level.

Real-Time Notifications

Get critical notifications in the form and at the moment which is the most relevant to the context of the event.

Mobile app push notification, SMS, Telegram messages, email and even automated phone calls are used to inform driver on all events required - automated vehicle management events, car break-in, car accident and many more.

It depends on the vehicle owner how she wants to communicate with the vehicle.

Vehicle Life Logging

All your vehicle life important events are in the mobile app.

Here is what you can see:

- vehicle location, routes, stops, and mileage
- fuel consumption, fuel level
- engine temperature, temperature in side the vehicle
- driving style
- driving time
- car break-in attempts, car accidents

All delivered as of the moment and in the history.

Should you need to have more data or different set of statistics, it is always easy to build new mobile app or modify existing one and get the most data through the API available for developers.

Car alarm is getting
even more secure and convenient.

Now it doesn't matter how far the driver is from the vehicle - the car alarm communication is always accessible, as long as GSM connection is on.

Managing car alarm with the smartphone is also a good practice, as it is more secure compared with traditional keys and car security controls: even if you loose the smartphone, there is still number of security layers on the way to the vehicle.

Remote vehicle management.
It is very easy to manage the vehicle remotely and securely in different ways,
which all work in accord with original keys and security systems.
Keyless immobiliser bypass makes the solution safer and cheaper to deploy and maintain.
Automated Vehicle
Digital Immobiliser
Easily manage vehicle
with mobile or web application.

It is very easy to turn on and off the engine, put the vehicle on security mode, lock / unlock the doors, as well as manage headlights, marker lights, windows, climate control and other functions available in your vehicle. Perhaps, the only technical limitation is the trim level of the vehicle.

All done through internet with mobile application or dedicated web-portal, without even touching original key.
Let vehicle do the things for you.
Some vehicle functions can be automated and put in line with specific business processes or context.

The engine could start up, if the temperature outside is below (or above) specific level, or say, 15 minutes before the driver normally comes out. This will normalize temperature inside the car.

The engine will stop, if the fuel level is below critical level, so the remaining fuel will not be burned out.

Business vehicle can be completely immobilised (or locked), being at the corporate parking overnight or days off.
Handsfree entry
and additional security layer.

This small tiny piece of wireless enabled hardware can easily be put in the wallet and has several important uses.

1) It enables hands-free door unlock at a predefined distance, even if there is no GSM connection available.
2) It is important driver identification tag, which may be used to align vehicle with the driver. Nobody could reset the hardware without driver's tag being nearby.
3) It is effective anti-robbery solution, which disables the engine, in case the driver was attacked and thrown out of the vehicle.
Everything works smoothly
with original keys and security system.

It works perfectly in orchestra with original keys and security systems (if they are available in the vehicle trim levels).

Seamless integration, which enables users to enjoy all variety of tools without even paying attention to it.
Make everything digital

Solution has embedded digital keyless immobiliser bypass. Not only it makes remote vehicle management safer, it also makes it cheaper, as there is no need to leave expensive key or chip transponder inside, or put additional wires and hardware to enable proper solution.

No keys inside. No additional hardware required. It is all made digitally, in the safest way.