What if your clients use
your services for many years to come?
This is what happens with connected vehicles.
They may keep using cellular services,
even when owners change, as long as the vehicle is alive.
It opens you so much.
There are so many opportunities that arise for cellular operators
with the use of Thea technologies, all of them contributing to bold result:
growing high ARPU, long life-time business and consumer clients.
It lasts long. Very long.
The peculiar thing with automobiles is that the terms are always long enough. And, since your product is also part of the vehicle, so are your services.
3 - 5
years of normal warranty period
for the most of the vehicle brands
3 - 7
years average term of car loan
or vehicle leasing contract
10 - 18
average vehicle lifetime
Great technology to build sustainable
connected vehicles business

Growing user base
With smartphone penetration curve passing its zenith, vehicles represent outstanding opportunity to further grow the connectivity base.

Not only vehicle itself consumes volumes of data, voice and SMS every month, The innovative revenue sharing model is available for you to take part in vehicle related expenses - this will put vehicle users in one of the highest ARPU client category.
life-time value

Call it hardware defined clients' loyalty. While it is theoretically possible to change the solution or network operator, in practice cost of transition demotivates clients from doing so. The service will go as long as vehicle is alive and services are paid by the client.
More diversification
Thea technology enables you to build outstanding sales channel, which may consolidate all vehicle related ecosystem - petrol stations, parking, service shops, car wash and many more. Different in regularity and size of purchases, it may represent pefrect blend of cash flow stream from every user.
Unique value for cellular operators.
Thea products offer many practical reasons
to start connected vehicles business.
Long term
prepaid plans
Vehicle related
Get your clients prepay
for number of years ahead.

We recommend to include broadband pricing into the price of the solution to ensure uninterrupted services. The service duration normally alighed to the vehicle warranty period or loan contract period (whicheve is applicable). This works fine in most of the cases in new vehicles, as well as for businesses and vehicle loans in the aftermarket.

This gives cellular operator capacity to secure tariff and get one-time prepayment for multiyear contract.
Make your telematic services
harvesting new clients.

M2M business is getting popular for most of the cellular operators. At Thea we believe, while users buy telematic services, the true value lies far ahead.

This gives us capacity to offer innovative business models to cellular operators and let them have telematic related costs way below the competition, while growing user base and have much wider value proposition.
Take you part in the sales
coming out of unavoidable vehicle expenses.

Vehicle insurance every year, fuelling once in a week, several parkings per day, spare parts and services as needed - just few examples of the must-have expenses every (consumer or business) vehicle owner has.

With Thea products you can consolidate all expenses in one sales funnel and take part in these cash flows, which have different size and regularity.
Data will drive new sales
and cross sales.

Data is the king. Not only you may be close to your clients, with their traditional plans, but understanding the way they use the vehicles give you even more capacity to meet their needs.
Make your marketing
efficient and aggressive.

Make it simple. Selling the connected vehicle to a someone, which use competitor's cellular services, means you are at arm length distance to co-sell your traditional consumer products to this user.

When your clients use both your smartphone plans and the vehicle plans - it gives you everything to improve service, make cross sales and increase ARPU.
You choose the hardware.
Thea products are flexible enough and is compatible to major telematic hardware products.
This gives you freedom to choose whatever hardware fits the best
for your particular case and business model.
Thea end-to-end solution

Choose any hardware used as component to Thea connected vehicle end-to-end solution to ensure maximum safety, durability and functionality. High-end hardware, with the size of the matchbox, it gives you the most, and lasts the longest.
SIM-enabled hardware

Take any SIM card (SIM-chip) enabled hardware to develop your very own connected vehicles solution. Wide range of GPS, OBD trackers, FMS interfaces, rearview mirrors and other hardware available on the market can smoothly work with the Thea backend components.
Bluetooth enabled hardware

The most affordable to the clients basic hardware components - such as bluetooth OBD dongles , that may be connected to the clients smartphone to retranslate the data to the Thea backend for further use.