When you sell
a vehicle, you get
only half the money.
After clients purchase the vehicle, they keep wallets open to cover unavoidable expenses while using the vehicle. We help OEMs & Dealers establish a funnel to get benefit from all vehicle related costs, not only during warranty period but for the vehicle's lifetime.
An ultimate white label
connected vehicle and
e-commerce platform.
Thea products bring value to your clients and partners.
Making vehicle open to all kinds of online and offline services and multiple payment modes,
it creates unique ecosystem, and numerous business opportunities for a dealer.
Vehicle owners
and drivers

Advanced vehicle security, remote vehicle management, mobile apps and dozens of other handy tools.

Sophisticated but easy to use platform, open to multiple services and applications important for business owners and aggregators.

Full control over the insurance or credit portfolio. Efficient hardware and telematics context based procedures.


Make connected vehicles available to a large loyal customer base. This gives vendors unique capability to be the first-to-use by the clients - vehicle users and owners.
and payments

Outstanding hardware embedded sales channel to make time and context relevant marketing and sales runs.

Having payment system and electronic wallets connected to the vehicle, lets convert the vehicle into the payment tool.

Make better business with great technology.
clients retention
Effective real-time communication to keep your clients with you longer.
sales opportunities

Enhance after-sales business. Retain a share of future vehicle expenses.
after-sales services

Offer the right service
at exactly relevant moment
the client needs it.
Complete user experience control
Control most of the experience your clients get from vehicle use, for entire vehicle's lifetime.
Outstanding dealership CRM Capacities.
Perfect companion to your native CRM system.
Or very handy standalone CRM application to use.
Data Based
Mobile App
Spare Parts
& Services
Make services based
on real time vehicle use data

Your services are always perfectly matched by relevance, quality and timing.
Telematics data streaming real-time means the dealer is always ready and available to serve the client.
This also means better service resources allocated and less time spent to complete services for each client.
Keep some mobile app features
available for separate fee

The vehicle is in the user's smartphone. That's convenient.
But what is more, the dealer can remotely manage the features of its mobile application -
remote vehicle management, access to the services and alike.
Full flexibility to make services fine tuned and better priced.
And yes, tons of opportunities for upsel and making additional recurring revenues.
Make your warranty management
super effective

Optimise dealers product liability exposure and make whole warranty management
hassle free both for dealers and for the clients.
The monitoring system aligned exactly to the terms of warranty,
making sure all parties are in line with the contractual obligations.
Improve aftersales business
with targeted spare parts and services sales

Controlling technical conditions and vehicle use lets dealers estimate
future demand for spare parts, consumables and services
and target particular vehicle owners with service offers owners at exactly right moment.
Use any third party business intelligence.
Or just use Microsoft Excel live update.

Keep piles of data well structured and delivered exactly
to your team members based on their roles and functions.
Connect whatever business intelligence software your organisation use,
or have simple Excel spreadsheet, with data automatically fed from the system.
Real opportunity starts
after you've sold the vehicle.
After-sales business is critical for any vehicle dealer. Most vehicle expenses are unavoidable for the owners.
Use technology wisely: put all these costs in your funnel and get a portion of it, for the vehicle's lifetime.
3 - 5
years of normal warranty period
for the most of the vehicle brands
3 - 7
years average term of car loan
or vehicle leasing contract
Let your clients pay with your vehicle.
When you connect payment cards or electronic wallets to the vehicles,
the users can pay for the services by their vehicle in the easiest and most natural way.
No cash, no cards, no mobile apps. Just the user and the vehicle.

Let drivers forget parking meters. Pay with just putting the car on alarm mode. No cash, no cards, no mobile apps.

Not even slow down, while crossing the toll roads. Make automated billing based on routes.
Scheduled payments
Schedule all important or routine payments - like lease payments or service subscriptions to make automated payments..

There are dozens of other ways to make the vehicle related payments with the vehicle itself. Number of automated triggers as well as creative ways to confirm the payment with no smartphone involved.
Take your share in revenues
from any spending.

There are two ways to support innovative business models.
These industry proven methods ensure that you build a cash generating machine.
Commission fee
Make comission fee for all and every payment made with the car - large or small, recurring or one-time. Immediate collection, no issues with delayed payments and the bad debts. It is de-facto the payment system you control.
The infrastructure to use for all vehicles you sell, across their entire lifetime.
Lead generation
Merchants value the most (and pay the most) for the hot leads, ready to buy specific products or services. Get paid by multiple merchants for your clients interested to purchase various goods and services, both online and offline.
Flexible deployment options.
Full flexibility to deploy solution at the factory or dealership, new and aftermarket. This gives dealers capacity to get older vehicles and previous clients back.

Install the solution using OEM grade pin-to-pin connectors developed specifically for your vehicle models and trims. Installation at the moment the vehicles are assembled. Integration with car manufacturing and quality control process.
Full integration into OEM ERP system.
The cheapest, safest and industry proven solution.
by dealers
Pin-to-pin for selected vehicle models and IDC for any vehicle required. Deployment doesn't require special skills different from the ones of any vehicle electrical engineer.
You are in good company.
Market leaders always require high standards.
Complete end-to-end solution with industrial integration
into particular vehicle models and trim levels,
enterprise ERP/CRM and third party services to put your brand and vehicles ahead of competition.