the M2M backend solution
that links all your machines
and other connected devices
to the enteprise software
or mobile applications

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We deliver vehicle data.
You use it

mX collects the data from your machine,
data from connected devices inside or outside of a machine,
as well as third party data sources. All combined and analysed, this gives everything you need
to build value added services on top of mX platform.

Vehicle on-board computer

Our algorithms analyse vehicle on-board computer data
so you can make online diagnostic of your car, monitor engine
and different electric components' performance in real time.


Make in-depth analysis of drivers’ temperament,
know exactly how honest and professional your drivers are, what are the driving patterns or routes .

Context and dynamic data

Control vehicle location, speed, driving dynamics.
Get additional insight with weather, route patterns,
road conditions and other important data.

Data from connected devices

Get data from the devices connected to your car.
Integrate devices that have independent cellular connectivity.
Use hardware data in the context of the machine use.

All your machines and hardware
are now connected

Stream data from the hardware in your car,
to the cloud and see it in the right context

Link any software
to your vehicle

Use mX API to get your machines connected to mobile app or third party service

Get your
hardware data

Stream data from the hardware in your car, to the cloud and see it in the right context

Integrate machines into your workflows

Link your vehicles to your ERP, CRM systems or other enterprise software

Powerful backend for your industry solution

Mobiliuz X is powerful and flexible backend
to the services and applications in literally any industry
that deals with the machines

Urban fleet management

Build taxi dispatcher or logistics service, or integrate with existing solution. Get data on vehicle conditions, or drivers performance.

Smart cities

From toll road & parking payment systems
to the smart infrastructure / smart city solutions. Integrate mX to the existing smart city platforms.

Mining & construction

All machines under control:
technical details, performance data, maintenance scheduling,
as well as other operational data.

Smart insurance

Make your promotion and targeting
based on actual driving data.
Use platform to improve insurance portfolio quality.


Build consumer focused mobile applications and services: OBD based monitoring tools, maintenance service logging or other services.

Car sales & rentals

Use actual driving data to build ideal service to your clients. Upsell spareparts and services, push actual data into your CRM system.

Find out how Mobiliuz will make
your business better

Fits any business size

Small businesses may get Mobiliuz Portal -
easy to use fleet management service.

Portal stands on mX backend thus
brings unique power and usability
to a small scale businesses.

more on the Portal

Open to any hardware

mX is agnostic to various GPS trackers, OBD II loggers, FMS interfaces, GPRS enabled car alarms
and even smartphones.

Through the Tube you can have almost all
bluetooth / WiFi enabled hardware connected
to the car and to the Mobiliuz cloud.

Good for all machines

Connect all your cars, bikes, vans, buses, trucks, construction, mining or agricultural machines.
Connect everything that has internal combustion, hybrid or electric engine.
You can have them all, regardless of what type of machine is, or what brand are they.