Mobiliuz ecosystem

We created open ecosystem around a vehicle.

Now engineers can entirely change
the way humans use their machines.

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Making dumb cars smart

We believe smart cars business today
is not about smart cars themselves.
It is about making existing “dumb” vehicles smart.

This is Mobiliuz architecture

Designed to let you connect
almost any software or hardware
to a machine


M2M backend. Processes data from all types of the hardware

the Portal

Client side service portal. Fleet management for small and medium businesses

the Tube

Android based network server. Connects WiFi or bluetooth enabled devices .

car retrofits

Third party hardware installed in the cars, wired or wireless.
GPS trackers
OBD loggers
FMS interfaces
car alarms
black boxes
connected videocamers

personal gadgets

Smart consumer device. WiFi / bluetooth connectivity required. smart watches
fitness trackers smartphones
smart home devices
other personal devices

other hardware

Third party hardware. Wired or wireless. iBeacons & NFC
WiFi modems
industrial hardware
fuel level sensors
axle load sensors
other hardware

What will you create?