Mobiliuz Portal

Simple and beautiful
fleet management solution
for small and medium sized businesses

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It gives right answers

- how efficient are the cars?

- are corporate cars used properly?

- what is their technical condition?

- how professional and honest are the drivers?

- how to spend less on fuel and maintenance?

All cars available online

Make your cars online in two easy steps.

Connect your cars
to the portal

Contact Mobiliuz local partner, so they select and install the hardware to meet your requirements.

Use services
you want

Choose from the gallery of available native
and third party services, or easily build your own.

This is your webportal

Easily monitor and manage all your cars.
Any type of the machines. Any size of the fleet.

It’s all about benefits


Monitor, where all your cars are and how in reality they are used.

Control their technical condition,
See, how technically good are your drivers,. Analyse if there is sign of drivers’
negligence or dishonesty.


Make your drivers more professional - harsh breaking and acceleration, gear change or use of the gas pedal.

Optimise maintenance of your entire fleet.
Have your cars used properly and efficiently.

Save money

Save more on fuel and maintenance costs. Exclude improper car use or fuel theft.

Minimise car accident risk and other material losses. Prevent any problem before it happens.

Use services you need

Each service is a tiny application that resolves specific problem or issue.
Select different services to build your own combination and make the Portal
adjusted to your own needs. Use all services right in your web browser.

Online diagnostic

Your car mechanic online.
Monitor technical conditions of all your vehicles in real time.
Get notified on technical failure possible reasons.

Fuel control

Control fuel consumption or fuel thefts cases.
Use proprietary or third party fuel level sensors.

Virtual tachograph

Monitor useful time, working overtime, breaks,
idle time to meet legal or corporate requirements.

Run-in monitor

Control all your new cars are used
according to a dealers’ guarantee terms

Driver index

Monitor how professional and careful
your drivers while using business cars

Dozens of other services

Maintenance planner

Schedule technical maintenance for entire fleet. Plan changes for motor oil, filters and other wear parts. Find cars missing scheduled maintenance.

Idle cars monitor

Get the most of your cars.
Find idle vehicles, cars not used for purpose,
or burning fuel, being idle.

Route monitor

Control all predefined routes and schedules.
Get notified on all deviation from the routes
or failures to meeting route schedule.

Car booking

Let your entire office book business car easily and without hassle. Control office car use and workload.

Mapping and geofence

Control location and mileage.
Define allowed or prohibited areas
for the cars to operate.

SOS alarm

Get notifications and logs on potential
car accident case, car theft or
other similar threats to your vehicles.

Find out how Mobiliuz will make
your business better

Manage your fleet
with the smartphone

You don’t neet to sit at your deskop all the time.

Be mobile with Mobiliuz mobile application,
having all actual operational data and
real time notifications in your pocket.

Good for any industry

The Portal becomes perfect companion
to most of the businesses that use machines.

Office cars

Good for any small or big office,
that has cars to move people,
documents or make services.

Delivery service

Courier and logistics companies.
Good for trucks, vans, passenger cars,
bikes or bicycles.


Taxi companies, dispatcher services,
online taxi mobile applications,
car rental or car sharing business.

Technical maintenance

Car dealers and car service companies
may want to integrate the Portal
into their CRM systems.


Monitor fuel consumption, schedules, routes, idle time.
Control them all - excavators, bulldozers,
trucks, vans, you name it.

Security service

Cash delivery service, security companies.
Good to monitor cars and teams on-field.

Works with all your machines